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"Displacing the viewer, making them aware of the fictions and ... ideologies that go into" our everyday "conventions is the key to the work. Art is a "ruse" through which a variety of identities can be staged and exposes the real world as an other space, or heterotopia"

Cameron Bishop is a Melbourne based artist, writer, academic and curator. He works with collaborators a lot - Simon Ries, others and the Bozo Ink group. This website documents some of the artworks, projects and writing he has completed over the last 16 years. In the writing folder there are texts by himself and others (and a CV). Generally the things in here appropriate cultural artefacts because he likes to borrow from paintings, films, spaces, conversations and others to disturb conventional ways of seeing and experiencing the world. Like each of us Bishop is adept at talking about himself in the third person to profile himself in digital spaces such as this. He borrows from himself and others often as he continually loops back over familiar territory in order to defamiliarise the territory - for himself and others. He is interested in critical occupancies, media archaeologies and resistance strategies and, with these tools, looks to entwine art with life.