Cameron Bishop
'Glacial Matters, detail' (with Bozo Ink)
6a Gallery
Found white objects
A cascading glacier of refuse, from ceiling to floor, greets the viewers as they step into Bozo Ink’s latest installation and incarnation/collaboration – this time between Hobart’s Amanda Shone and Melbourne artists Cameron Bishop and Simon Reis. Amongst other abjections fridges capture glaciated moments with perspex protrusions, and projected figures that move, wriggle and incubate inside of them. Fridge becomes womb, fridge as technological hubris, fridge is a stillborn archive. The archive can only be written in analogue form, and even then it is open to interpretation. Fridges lie in glacial detritus and moraine inside the gallery space, distinguishable in the mist by their straight lines and animated interiors.

Film: 'Yeti Caught in the Headlights'