Cameron Bishop
Bishop and Reis
Wonder Room (2019/20)

Cameron Bishop is a Melbourne based artist, writer and curator. He works with collaborators a lot - Simon Ries as Bishop & Reis, the Bozo Ink group, Annie Wilson, and the Public Art Commission with David Cross at Deakin University. This website documents some of the artworks, curatorial projects and writing he has worked on over the last 20 years. In the writing folder there are texts and links to texts (and a CV). Generally the things in here appropriate cultural artefacts from paintings, films, spaces, conversations and others to disturb conventional ways of seeing and experiencing the world. He loops back over familiar territory to defamiliarise it - for himself and others. Cameron is interested in critical occupancies, media archaeologies and the politics of creative-practice in the 21st century, and with these ideas works on the border between art and life.