Cameron Bishop
x is not the same as x - narrative
The viewer becomes the narrative of the piece. They at first encounter a replica, at 1:2 scale of the front gallery. What seems a benign appropriation at first, unfolds to become a multi-sensory experience whereby fixed objects in the gallery begin to move and what was a mirror, dissolves into Santa’s lair. In their sudden dislocation we ask that the viewer step into otherness, as Gilles Deleuze says in The Logic of Sense (305-310) others unfold alternative worlds for us. In revealing Santa Claus, a contented white male and panoptic controller of behavior, as other, we reveal a potential for all of us to be rendered abject. My ‘desire passes through others, and through others it receives its object’. That is to say I buy what others desire. My desire is always reterritorialized in spaces like the mall for I ‘desire nothing that cannot be seen, thought, or possessed by a possible other’ (306). In other words, without others, we are not ourselves. In the calamity of our gallery, as the other world is exposing itself to the viewer, it refolds to become what it was, a benign appropriation; a simulacrum which ‘posits the world itself as phantasm’(262).